Disadvantages of teeth cleaning

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Disadvantages of teeth cleaning

Teeth cleaning, while essential for maintaining oral health, does come with certain downsides. This article explores the potential disadvantages of teeth cleaning, providing in-depth insights into the various aspects of this dental procedure.

Understanding Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning is a dental procedure aimed at reducing the risk of gum disease and cavities by eliminating the buildup of plaque and tartar on and between your teeth. This procedure involves various techniques such as brushing, flossing, scaling, root planing, and occasionally, the use of dental lasers.

Deep Teeth Cleaning: A Closer Look

Deep teeth cleaning, also known as scaling and root planning, is a more intensive form of teeth cleaning that targets the areas below the gumline. This type of cleaning is often recommended for patients who exhibit signs of periodontitis, a severe form of gum disease.

Deep cleaning involves the removal of tartar and plaque from the teeth and the roots, thereby preventing the accumulation of bacteria in the gum lines. The procedure is typically carried out by a professional dental hygienist or dentist.

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Potential Disadvantages of Teeth Cleaning

Though teeth cleaning is generally beneficial, it’s important to be aware of the potential side effects and disadvantages associated with the procedure.

Increased Tooth Sensitivity

One of the most common disadvantages of teeth cleaning is increased tooth sensitivity. This often occurs when tartar layers, which have formed over a long period of neglect, are removed, leaving the teeth exposed to various elements that can cause sensitivity.

Gum Soreness

Another side effect of teeth cleaning involves gum soreness. The removal of plaque and tartar buildup, particularly during deep cleaning procedures, can lead to soreness in the gums.

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums are a potential side effect of teeth cleaning, particularly deep cleaning. This is because the removal of plaque and tartar can make the gums sensitive, leading to bleeding.

Pain and Discomfort

While most teeth cleaning procedures are generally painless, some patients may experience pain and discomfort during or after the treatment. This is more common in cases where the procedure involves the use of certain tools or lasers.

Noticeable Gaps Between Teeth

After a teeth cleaning procedure, particularly a deep cleaning, you might notice gaps between your teeth. These gaps, which were previously filled with tartar and plaque, become visible once these deposits are removed.

While these disadvantages may seem concerning, it’s important to note that they are often temporary and can be managed with the right care and treatment.

Managing the Disadvantages of Teeth Cleaning: Tips and Advice

While the potential disadvantages of teeth cleaning can’t be entirely avoided, there are ways to manage and minimize them.

Dealing with Tooth Sensitivity

To manage tooth sensitivity post-cleaning, try to avoid very hot or cold foods and drinks for a few days. Use a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth.

Alleviating Gum Soreness

To alleviate gum soreness, rinse your mouth with warm salt water. You can also use an over-the-counter pain reliever if necessary.

Minimizing Bleeding Gums

If you experience bleeding gums post-cleaning, apply a cold compress or gauze to the area. If the bleeding persists, consult your dentist immediately.

Managing Pain and Discomfort

If you experience pain or discomfort, speak to your dentist. They may prescribe a painkiller or recommend other ways to manage the pain.

Addressing Gaps Between Teeth

If the appearance of gaps between your teeth is a concern, speak to your dentist. They may recommend orthodontic treatment to correct the spacing.

At Picasso Dental Clinic, we are committed to providing personalized dental care that caters to the unique needs of each patient. We strive to make every dental procedure as comfortable and hassle-free as possible, ensuring that our patients are well-informed and well-cared for every step of the way.


Teeth cleaning, while necessary for maintaining oral health, does come with certain disadvantages. However, with proper care and management, these disadvantages can be minimized. Regular consultation with your dentist can help identify potential issues early, ensuring that your oral health is always in the best possible condition.

Remember, despite the disadvantages, the benefits of teeth cleaning far outweigh the potential downsides. Regular teeth cleaning can prevent oral infections and promote overall oral hygiene.

At Picasso Dental Clinic, we are committed to providing our patients with comprehensive dental care. If you have more questions about the disadvantages of teeth cleaning, or if you’re considering getting a teeth cleaning procedure, feel free to get in touch with us. Our team of experienced and friendly dental professionals will be more than happy to assist you.